What Do We Do?

Creativity Coaching

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Continuity of the Whole Book

In order for a story to flow from one thought or one page to the next it needs to be looked at as a whole with many parts. A sampling of these parts follows:

  • The Author’s Process. It all begins with the author’s process. What is the process the author takes? And is it working? Is it consistent? Does their process flow smoothly, or is it bumpy? How is their process affecting the story? What modifications need to be made?
  • Story Structure. What is the structure of the story? Does it have a strong foundation? Is each part of the structure holding its own while adding strength to the whole? What needs to be broken down further?
  • Characters. Who are the characters? Are they believable? Are they defined and described well, and are they consistent in the story? Are they able to carry and tell the story?

As part of the above and more, Jennifer McCord Associates provides the following services:

Publishing Coaching

  • Content Consultation
  • Writing/Editing
  • Media Training
  • Business Consultation

Project Management

  • Process Management
  • Distribution


  • Social Media
  • Special Event Planning
  • Distribution


  • Small-Group Roundtables
  • Classroom learning
  • Keynote addresses