Who Is Jennifer

It is all about the story.

From her earliest memories of tales told around her grandmother’s kitchen table – stories of struggle, survival and working the land – to the personal histories and unfolding journeys of people she has encountered throughout her life, stories have always mattered to Jennifer McCord. Jennifer loves the story, and she knows that a story unshared is a story lost.  

With more than thirty years of success in the publishing industry and a well-earned national reputation for publishing expertise and creativity coaching, Jennifer heads an experienced team of story editors, line editors, designers, proofreaders, indexers, and other book and publishing professionals that can help you realize your dreams in the publishing industry.

Whether you are seeking a mainstream publishing deal, a path self-publishing, or launching an e-book, Jennifer McCord Associates (JMA) can help every step of the way.   Through our full-range of services we’re ready to provide “hands-on” advice from top industry professionals.