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Professional & Social Networking for Published & Aspiring Writers of the Northwest
  • Founded as a society of professional writers in 1921, Seattle Free Lances has grown its membership in recent years to include publishing industry professionals and writers actively working toward publication. It is our goal to support the continued success of our published members while encouraging the aspirations of those writers whose ultimate aim is to become published.
Things Every Writer Should Think About:
  • Acknowledge yourself as a writer and be proud that you are one.
  • Realize that you canít be writer, editor and critic all at the same time.
  • Learn how to hear and when to accept feedback.
  • Identify the kind of writing you write.
  • Keep a journal of your ideas.
  • Recognize the time of day or week that is the best time for you to write.
  • Respect your writing time. Write daily if at all possible.
  • Use your writerís voice to speak to readers with all the joys, sorrows and celebrations that real people experience.
  • Understand that writing creates shape and meaning that real life may not have.
  • Read, read, read current and classical works.
  • Learn to read genres you donít currently read and step back to discover why it works, not why it doesnít work.
  • Dissect your story if it goes off track. Examine each chapter or section and make it as powerful and focused as possible.
  • Become knowledgeable about the publishing business.
  • Build a network of publishing contacts and maintain them.
  • Remember that discipline and focus makes the difference between wannabe writers and published writers.
  • Know that every writerís path to publishing has its own story just as every writer works differently.
  • Read rejection letters more than once and give yourself time between readings.
  • Celebrate the steps you take to discovering your writing life, as this process is known as success.
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